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Online Consultation

High-quality  homoeopathy treatment online by Dr Mansoor Ali 

If you are not in a position to visit our clinic – located at Kulangarapeedika, Calicut.
You can avail of treatment with us anytime, from anywhere in the world – at the click of a mouse.
Our uniquely designed questionnaire will enable you to submit your detailed history to us.
You can also submit your investigation reports, photographs (for skin/hair conditions), etc. to monitor the difference before, during and after treatment.

Dr Mansoor Ali will study your case in details and formulate the treatment plan for you.
Once finalized, your medicines will be delivered to your door step – by speed post or courier
100% confidentiality assured for every patient

Online payment
ICICI Bank : A/C No. 626501526917 in favor of Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R
RTGS/NEFT IFS Code : ICIC0001172
UPI : drmansoor@icici

Please mail your detailed postal address with Pin code and Phone numbers for fast delivery to

Give the following details
The clearer, more specific and more informative your case history and symptom description, you will get better and speedy recovery.

  1. Your Presenting complaints and its full details
  2. History of these complaints
  3. Past history of any other diseases
  4. Family history of any diseases
  5. Appetite,thirst,desires and aversions to food items
  6. Sleep & Dreams
  7. Sexual complaints if any
  8. Menstrual and Obstetric details
  9. Mind symptoms
  10. Laboratory findings and scan reports
  11. All other relevant details

We will contact you for more details if required

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