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A case of alopecia totalis cured with Homoeopathy

Alopecia totalis Dr Mansoor Ali KR 

A 19 month old male came to our Cosmetology OPD of Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College for Alopecia totalis of seven-month duration. We treated this patient with homoeopathic internal remedy and got the successful result within a short period of treatment. The result is remarkable since we have not used any external application over scalp in any of the patients – as commonly used by Homoeopathy practitioners and conventional prescribers. 

Keywords : Hair loss, Alopecia areata, Calcarea carb, Homoeopathic cosmetology

Case Profile
A 19 month old male came to our Cosmetology OPD of Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College for hair loss. 

Associated Complaints
He has a painful corn in sole of right foot 

Sneezing all day, especially morning.

Ground itch with burning in soles 

Increased perspiration of scalp 

History of presenting complaint
The complaint started 7 month back as alopecia aerata over head and whiskers leading to totalis.

Undergone various treatment from different dermatologist in Calicut, they advised some tablets and cream, but didn’t benefited. 

 Hair fall started first from beard and extended to head. 

We had selected the remedy on the basis of totality and repertorised using the software RADAR

Rubrics selected
FACE – HAIR – falling of hair – Whiskers
NOSE – SNEEZING – morning
Generals – HAIR, general, head and body – falling, out


27/1/16: Calcarea Carb 200  1 dose

24/2/16: Not much benefit, Calc Carb 10M 

23/3/16: New hair appeared in head and beard  

24/4/16: Almost head and face covered
Calc Carb 10M 1 dose 

No remission / relapses upto this time – 2018 December

Discussion and conclusion:
Calcarea carb 200th Potency was prescribed on the basis of totality using RADAR Homoeopathy software. But not much changes initially, so we raised the potency considering the chronic nature of the complaint and prescribed Calc Carb 10M potency. 

Within two weeks new hair started appearing in beard and scalp. The patient is gradually improved and hair appeared in other parts of scalp. Then one more dose of the same potency repeated after some time.

Now very thick hair appeared in almost all areas of scalp and beard.

No external application used 

This reveals the strength of Homeopathic internal remedy in hair fall and also highlights the need of higher potency depending on the chronicity of the disease.

The demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments has grown considerably in recent years – because of the recurring expenditure and side effects of the existing methods

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